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Feal Max Travel 441 Coilovers

Brand: Feal Suspension | Category: Coilover Systems

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Product Description

Max Travel Feal 441

The Max Travel kit has about 20% more suspension stroke than most coilover kits on the market. That means that the Max Travel kit provides more suspension travel for comfort on terrain that your significant other may not appreciate.

These kits are valved slightly differently then our default 441 kits to accomodate lower spring rates. Even though the spring rates are lower than our default 441 kit, they are still higher then OEM spring rates and will result in a firmer and more controlled ride then factory suspension.

We have selected spring rates that will work perfect with each car model yielding the maximum ride comfort and performance.

Max Travel kit benefits over other coilovers:

-Max comfort and suspension travel
-Allows for a slight lift over stock ride height (about 1”)
-Allows for a slight drop under stock ride height (.5-1” depending on model)

The Feal Max Travel kits are used in SCCA Auto X competitions and on recce vehicles.

Why Feal 441 over the other brands?
- More shock stroke than many competitors
- Less friction resulting in much better ride quality
- Better spring rate calculations with actual natural frequency targets
- Better valving profiles resulting in much better ride quality
- More precise tolerences in piston, shim stack, and seal head assembly
- Ride height pre set on all Subaru models


- One way adjustable, 30 click spectrum
- Monotube
- Japanese Swift springs
- Assembled in house, U.S.A.
- Rebuildable and revalvable in house, U.S.A.
- Independent height adjustment
- Teflon injected spherical bearing top mounts front and rear (MacPherson applications)
- Aluminum top mounts
- Camber adjustable front top mounts (MacPherson applications)
- Slotted rear coilover mounting hole for camber adjustability (MacPherson applications)
- Corrosion resistant coating + Anodized aluminum parts
- High quality low friction seals and rod guide bushings

- High flow pistons (allows super high range of damping tuning)

Max comfort and suspension travel
Allows for slight lift
Limits lowering ability on most applications

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