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Feal Rally Racing 460 Coilover

Brand: Feal Suspension | Category: Coilover Systems

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Product Description

Feal 460

We have been passionate about gravel driving for many years and have personally competed in Rally America and NASA Rally Sport events. We have also supplied suspension and offered suspension tuning service for professional level rally teams competing in most U.S. rally series including X-Games and Global Rallycross.

Until now, there has been a gap in the rally suspension market. Most systems sold in the U.S. simply do not have adequate after sales support and affordable/reliable rebuild services.

We have built a rally suspension system that performs exceptionally well and can be quickly rebuilt at a low cost. The Feal 460 Rally Racing coilover kit comes with more travel, strength, and better damping characteristics than your OEM and many other brands suspension. This suspension system is also great for drivers who simply want to explore gravel terrain and have adventures with their car.


Fixed damping settings specifically built to your needs
Swift brand main and helper springs
Non inverted monotube (because there are less wear parts!)
Two large internal pistons, 46mm (two pistons for less shaft deflection)
More travel than OEM
2mm oversized top studs (14mm x1.25) on most MacPherson applications
Piggyback reservoirs (more nitrogen and fluid volume, no chance of nitrogen piston to shaft interference incase seal failure occurs)
Allows for 1” (25mm) lift or drop from stock height
Compatible with stock top mounts
Includes Feal shock covers for added protection
NOTE: We no longer share dyno results for each particular model. Why?! Dyno results for dampers show the damping rate and damping curve, which is a quantified output that can be copied. This means that our competitors can design a piston and build a shim stack to mimic our damping profile for any given application we share a dyno plot for. We have spent many years developing and testing damping profiles that meet the needs of our clients better than our competition. This is why reviews of our dampers and even our revalve service for other dampers are so highly rated.

Dyno plots are recipes of how to make dampers perform to a customer’s liking, and we have become very aware of how important dyno data can be. We even have a comprehensive library of dyno plots and analysis from testing competitors’ dampers.

Dyno plots for dampers are a different from other dyno data. For example, engine dyno data shows how early hp levels are achieved, maximum power/torque, ..., outputs that are not indicative of the clearances the engine is assembled with, or what timing table parameters a tuner has used.

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